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Thinking of vacating in Africa but not sure where to ? We have 3 suggestions just for you

Maasai  warrior watching wildlife

Now that your financial and leisure stars have aligned and you can take a few weeks out of your busy schedule to don on your globetrotting boots, where should you go? You may be thinking of Maldives and Hawaii, but wait! We’ll do you one better. Why don’t we begin by inviting you to get tanned walking on long sandy beaches, or get waist-high in grasslands dotted with more wildlife than you’ve seen in your wildest dreams ... before making your way into a cold equatorial forest camp, where a impressively looking gorillas calmly wander…? Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania present a perfect tourist destination for travelers looking to relax, rejuvenate, reload.

Let’s explore each of them shall we?

And should you get there, remember we are building a special team of vetted buddies (local guides), who will be happy to meet with you, to show you around, take you to the best watering holes, accompany you to movies, and make your time spent a breeze... find out more here


Once you land in either Nairobi (Capital) or Mombasa (Coastal city), you will be spoilt for choice on the numerous five-star hotels and world-class establishments. However, the best place to begin your tour will be Malindi, a tourism-centered coastal town with over ten great sightings waiting for you. But first, the tan. The long shallow sandy beaches will give you a Maldives vibe. There are great hotels which accept international currencies and which have been customized to accommodate tourists and give them the best experience. The climate, breeze and little commercial activities make Malindi the perfect place to unwind, enjoy a vibrant nightlife in a safe and tourist-friendly area, and indulge in multiple fun activities.

There is a snake park, a marine national park, ancient Portuguese architecture, a Falconry, a butterfly and insects center and public beaches where you can interact with the locals. The hotels and restaurants have polished their culinary skills, so a combo of local cuisines and seafood will surely tantalize your taste buds.


This is a country known for wildlife. If you’ve watched wildlife documentaries or National Geographic, you might have seen an anticlimactic race between a lion and a gazelle. Well, a visit to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania will give you an unforgettable experience watching wildlife and nature take its course. It is the best destination for wildlife watchers. Tour guides and professional rangers will guarantee your safety while you immerse in an experience which will reveal both the beautiful and mysterious sides of wildlife.

Just imagine your roofless tour van, full of other thrill seekers, waiting under a shade 100 yards from a watering hole. And then herds of zebras, wildebeests, antelopes, warthogs and buffalos troop in to quench their thirst. In the midst of the commotion, a crocodile leaps out of the water, grabs the biggest, meanest buffalo by the neck, realizes that it's too strong, lets go, and grabs a weaker zebra instead. While you are busy digesting that, a pride of lions storms out of the thickets, speeds through the herds and for a moment, you can see the dilemma they are in. Do they wrestle the mean buffalo we saw earlier, which is still dazed by the crocodiles' chokehold, or race the built-for-speed wildebeest? Eventually, they settle on a barely-enough-for-lunch warthog, which despite its small stature, pulls a fast one (literally) and outruns a hungry pride.

crocodile in river

Don't let him catch you!


This is a landlocked country that borders both Kenya and Tanzania. Though it dwarfs both countries in coastlines and grasslands, it claws back with an amazing equatorial climate, which houses more than half of the world’s Mountain Gorillas. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park will help relish the presence of gorillas, the biggest primates, chimpanzees, among other primates. Tours and expeditions are organized by seasoned travel groups like Silverback Expeditions, who supply experienced tour guides and ensure safety as you trek through the rainforest.

It is a wholesome experience as you silently ease through the trails, hushing in low tones and taking epic pictures of the primates while they stare back, waiting for you to capture the moment.

We hope this got your a little excited?

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