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Let's work together!

Are you a university that would like to:

  • ​Raise more funds 

  • Build awareness with an international audience

  • Help your students grow more experience

  • Help your students earn some extra income to help with their upkeep


Then look no further! We are partnering with universities in East Africa to find, interview and recruit students who can be local guides in their areas when they're not studying. In their spare time they can provide a range of services like take tourists to lunch, to see local shows, visit the best sites, pick them from the airport - and more. These guides will help tourists to truly experience what it's like to live and experience their cities.

They'll get paid every time they perform a service and because you helped to recruit them, you'll get paid too.  


It's really easy for you to get involved, all you need to do is: 


  • Let us know you're interested by filling the form below

  • If it's the right programme for you, we'll sign up your university

  • You can start promoting the buddy programme to your students

  • We handle the interview, recruitment and training

  • Once the programme launches and they start receiving clients you will receive 15 - 25% of each booking!


Interested in knowing more? Get in touch today!

City Biking
Business Interview

Schedule a call to find out more here

If you have students with the potential to be local guides (buddies), get in touch to find out whether your university qualifies for a partnership.

Thanks for submitting! We’ll be in touch soon

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