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Ever heard the saying that 'it's the people who make the place'? Travel to new exciting destinations isn't just about where you stay, the sights you see or the foods you savour ... It's  about the people you meet and the experiences you share together.

Our mission at NuTravel Africa is to make travel to Africa more attainable by connecting adventurous and ethical travelers to real local people who can give visitors a true perspective of living in Africa. 

We will be focusing on the top destinations for work and leisure. Through our efforts we aim to build connections, mutual respect across cultures and help tourism impact communities at grassroot level. 

Signal Hill Cape Town South Africa

Planning a trip shouldn't be stressful, slow or boring!

Have all of the fun, none of the hassle

With NuTravelAfrica it's good bye planning headache and hello fun! 

Our buddies can take care of all your concerns from the moment you arrive, unpack and are ready to start seeing the city. They know the famous landmarks and the cool things to do and see.

Whether you're free for a day - or just a few hours - our buddies will make sure you're never bored during your stay. 

Friends & Pizza

How our booking process works


Search for a buddy online

Let us know where you're travelling to and when. We'll use this to suggest a list of buddies you could meet in your travel destination.

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Choose your preferred activity

Each buddy will have a list of different activities. Review their suggestions to choose your preferred option, date and time. Book online. Once booked, your local buddy will contact you to confirm the next steps.


Meet your local buddy

In the lead up to your trip, your buddy is happy to offer you advice to help you prepare for your trip.  When you arrive they'll meet you at the agreed time and place and make sure you have a great time!

Happy Friends

Reasons to visit Africa

“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.”

* John Hemingway (American author).  

Africa is a mysterious, underexplored holiday destination that has successfully flown under the radar for many years. Here's why it's time for you to embrace new adventures on this glorious continent:

-  Stunning scenery (and unqiue insta-worthy moments?) 

-  Rich diverse history and culture 

-  The big 5 animals 

-  Exotic foods to tickle your taste buds

-  Warm friendly people

-  Diverse cultures 

-  Unbeatable memories

This is your chance to experience a different way of life.