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Growing our network of local buddies across Africa, one beautiful city at a time.

Our vision is to become Africa's largest network of local guides. To achieve this we're working day and night to build you a network of carefully vetted and trained buddies across the best African countries to visit.


We'll be starting off in East Africa in Malawi (fondly known as  the continent's friendliest country), Tanzania and Kenya. From there we will extend to South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and more.

Image by Yoel Winkler

Reasons to visit beautiful East Africa

Whether your international job, safari holiday or beach break brings you here, East Africa promises endless delights for the adventurer ...

At Liwonde National Park you can enjoy game drives, bush walks, bird watching and boat trips along the Shire River where crocodiles, hippos and elephants drink water and rest.
Lake Malawi is home to the greatest diversity of endemic fish in the world. Diving off the coast feels like diving into a a gigantic​ colourful aquarium, with a dazzling array of captivating cichlids.

Yet despite it's many attractions East Africa remains relatively under-explored, giving you lots of opportunity to enjoy it's heart-warming authenticity.


Now's your chance to carve your uniquely memorable holiday experience in the heart of  Africa. 

Here are a few things to try...

Take Safari Trips

Lilongwe wildlife centre

Swim in Lake Malawi


Watch Gule Wamkulu


Enjoy local delicious food


Party at the Lake of Stars Festival


Make some Pottery


Birdwatch at Aberdare National Park


Hike the mulanje mountain


And loads more...

There's lots of fun things to do and see in East Africa and the good news is you don't need to worry about researching and planning for it all. All you need  to do find a buddy who's organizing the types of things you'd like to do. They'll handle the planning and share lots of useful hints and tips, so all that's left is for you to show up.

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